Felicity was part of the #deliveringgood exhibition by American Express, Two Good and Deliveroo with support of Lend Lease and Arup.  Felicity, a domestic violence survivor, was made using 20,000 Two Good Jar lids by local artist Noula Diamantopoulos.  

It was far more than an exhibition.

It was a demonstration of love and support by the community towards domestic violence survivors.

Each lid represented one meal donated to Two Good to deliver to a domestic violence safe house or soup kitchen.

With the building to be demolished, Felicity is coming down in January.  The exhibition was such a success, Lend Lease - the land owner, offered us the creative licence of about 90m of hoarding to ensure that the message of Felicity lives on. 



Violence against women and their children is preventable. According to 'Our Watch' a national framework for the prevention of violence against women, the root cause of Domestic and Family violence is Gender Inequality. 

GE Current.jpg
GE Future.jpg

Download full copy of 'Change the Story - A shared framework for the prevention of violence against women in Australia here.


We're looking for organisations who would like to promote Gender Equality by expressing it as a mural on the hoarding surrounding the 182 George Street site. 

Here is a map of the locations and type of the hoarding available for the murals.

Hoarding type.jpg


With prime location, we would love to see an interactive exhibition that engages the community with more than visuals.  It is suggested that the full 12m length or 6m length (or both) B-Class hoarding be considered for the entry. 

B Class Hoarding example.  Download full specification and dimensions below.

B Class Hoarding example.  Download full specification and dimensions below.


The hoarding is yours.  Entries are requested to be at least 2m in width.

A Class Hoarding example.  Download full specification and dimensions below.

A Class Hoarding example.  Download full specification and dimensions below.

Passive mural examples.


Entries close: 1700, 30/03/ 2018

Judging: 02 - 13/04/2018

Installation: 27/04/2018 (NB: dependent on construction program)

Exhibition runs: 27/04/2018 – 31/01/2019 (NB: dependent on construction program)


1.  Mural must be original and relate to gender equality.

2.  No corporate logo’s or advertising. Plaques to acknowledge the organisation for the entry will be installed.

3.  If interactive the mural must be live for 12months or until the B-Class hoarding comes down.

4.  All mural costs to be allowed for by the entrant. In kind installation assistance may be requested. Any in kind requests need to be submitted with the entry.  There are 2 scholarships of up to $2000ea for registered charities, community groups or social enterprises. When entering please clearly indicate if you are applying for a scholarship and include a cost breakdown of up to $2000. 

5.  Judging will be based on the following:

Originality – how unique is the proposition.

Community Engagement – how many people is this likely to engage both physical and online.

Commitment – how committed to the cause is the entrant’s organisation.

6.  Entrants organisation must organise a minimum once a month purchase of Two Good lunches.

Any questions please email them to felicity@twogood.com.au


Submit your entry by emailing it to FELICITY@TWOGOOD.COM.AU by close of business 31 Jan 2018.  

Please use the email subject "FELICITY 2.0"

_Entries must be final and include dimensions and installation strategy.  Concepts will not be judged.

_Respond to the three judging criteria.

i) How is this entry unique,

ii) How will this entry engage the community and

iii) How committed is our organisation/s on gender equality.

_If applying for one of the two scholarships please note this on the application.

Register your team or organisation and keep updated with new information.

Don't keep us hanging.

Let us know you are interested to enter below and we can keep you updated on program and additional information as it comes to light. 

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