The only people who truly appreciate what it means to be a mother, are other mothers.

Every mother, no matter who she is or where she lives, feels the same love, joy, guilt and fear that comes with motherhood.

We want to give mothers across Australia the opportunity to show their love and appreciation for a fellow mum-friend with a Two Good Care pack.

And when they do, we’ll also give a pack to another mother living in a safe house.

Whenever you buy our beautiful Two Good Care Pack, we’ll donate another pack to a woman living in a safe house.


Each pack also includes an optional, cheeky Mother’s Day card, which you can write on and give to your favourite mum-friends. Simply choose the card you’d like to include at checkout. Please confirm estimated delivery times prior to purchase (found when clicking on the selected product).


Each care pack contains salon quality 250ml Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Moisturiser and Hand and Body Cleanser. All are designed to nourish and soothe your hair and skin.  All ingredients are natural, including 100% essential oils.  

The products do not contain Parabens or Sulphates and are packaged in bottles made of 100% recycled plastics.

As a testament to the quality and toxin free status of our products, we're proudly stocked by...

Two Good Care Packs

Salon quality care packs.  Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturiser and Body Wash.

Price includes a pack for you (or your mum) and one for a safe house. Comes with toiletry bag.  

We will let you know where your other pack has gone.

And if you're a mum and you're buying for another mum an optional mothers day card is available.

Paraben Free.  Sulphate Free. 100% Essential Oils.  Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastics.

Price includes postage :)

To post our parcels we use social enterprise SENDLE.  

Please check the delivery details to ensure we can get your parcel by Mothers Day.

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    Donate a Two Good Care Pack

    Donate one or multiple care pack to a safe house.

    There are on average 15 women living in each of the safe houses.  Donate 15 care packs to sponsor a complete safe house.   

    We will let you know where your care pack has gone.

    Paraben Free.  Sulphate Free. 100% Essential Oils.  Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastics.

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    Our apparel is made using 100% organic cotton.  We give preference to Australian made products.

    Two Good Hoods

    Help us create some additional love and warmth to safe houses.  Each Hoodie you buy we donate another.  We will tell you where your other hoodie has gone to.

    Our certified organic Hoodies are proudly manufactured by certified members of the Fair Ware Foundation an independent, non-profit organisation that works to improve conditions for workers in garment factories. You can read more about their ethics and sustainability policies here.

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    Two Good Tee

    Proudly made in Australia and with the finest 100% organic cotton! 

    Please note this is for you only and not a buy one give one t-shirt.  We haven't had requests from the safe houses for tshirts and dont want to create waste.

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    Hi Two Gooders,

    The women at Lou's place were so excited to receive  there twogood care packs for mothers day. Mother's day can be a very emotional time for some of the women that come to Lou's place so for them to receive these packs that were made with such care brought a smile to their faces. they could not believe they had been given something so luxurious and it allowed them to pamper themselves and as one woman put it they would smell absolutely divine. Kind regards

    Jenny Holmes, Community Service Worker

    Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.30.33 pm.png


    Good morning Two Gooders,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and you company for these wonderful products. The Wilcannia Safe house accommodates clients who are victims r escaping domestic & family violence also homeless clients. Our clients come to us with little or with nothing, so we are very grateful for people such as yourselves who give generously. For victims that have had put downs or abuse occur to them some from childhood and on a daily basis, it's hard to speak about deserving better treatment, words such as self-worth, love & respect is only a myth in a sense to them. But a distraction of giving makes a big difference, especially when you say this is just for you, please take some time to care for yourself, your products give that. Personal timeout in a warm bath or shower with a beautiful long lasting sense of cleanliness and smell they can accept and see and feel. Faces light up and they tent to forget the imposing issues just for a moment. So thank you for making a difference for our clients in lifting the spirits with your gifts.

    Mary Ronayne, DVSM Wilcannia Manager


    Hi Two Gooders,

    I was away when they were received but as soon as I got back I had someone ask me where they came from and she states she "loved" the products, she stated "they were really good quality and my hair has never felt nicer and silkier. I feel really relaxed". So even a week after they were received the ladies were still talking about them. They all thanked me and stated they were really happy with the products, with another lady comment "I feel really special".

    Grace O'Connor - Support Worker  at Killara Women's and Children's Refuge


    Hi Two Gooders, 

    I work with women who have been impacted by domestic violence. Some of these women are in transitional houses who left their home with nothing. I gave out the bags to these women who were brought to tears as they have had nothing "special" given to them for a long time. Some of these women self esteem is so low they that could not believe that I would even think of them with these gifts. These women put all their money into caring for their children and do not even think of themselves in any way. These gifts let women know that they are no alone and that organisations and individuals do care about them and their situation. I hope it does go nationwide as it is very worthwhile and appreciated.

    Thanks, Jenny Ashwood.


    So Rob.. Two Good was an absolute hit at Nagle House today.. what beautiful products they are. We currently have five ladies at Nagle House who all received a pack and there were two past residents there as well. A new resident arrives next Wednesday so we can give her one as... she is coming from prison. The ladeies were having fun checking out who the donation came from.

    One lady who visits us occasionally was at lunch today. She has many struggles and having a shower is just..out of the question..until today. We were so inspired by having the Two Good products that we somehow enticed Gina to have a shower.. wash her hair and use the moisturiser.. you cannot imaging what an achievement that was. The best thing was when she said "I feel so much nicer".