It all started 10 years ago.  Three mates cooking a bbq for the homeless and less fortunate in Sydney's Kings Cross. Wheeling our bbq up the road, past all the fancy Darlinghurst restaurants to Rough Edges Cafe, creatively calling ourselves "Three Boys and a BBQ".  We noticed most corporate BBQs did sausages and onions. Our USP - 'we don't do sausages'. We were a hit and all of a sudden there was this captive audience of about 50 people. Many of our patron's were using heavy medicinal or recreational drugs.  It was then we decided to up our game and create Australia's first organic soup kitchen at St Canice's Kitchen in Kings Cross.

On bragging to our patrons that we were serving them organic food we were responded with "Not that fake meat $#*! vegetarians eat?" We decided it was bad for business to promote but made a commitment to serve food that was as clean as possible and to demonstrate respect by using food that had been grown with respect.  

In June 2015, Rob and Cathal, both working as engineers hatched a plan to scale the soup kitchen by using the "Buy One, Give One" model.  We decided first to offer our other meals to a local domestic violence refuge.  The rest is history.

One of the most debilitating things about domestic violence is that it strips someone of their self worth.  We made a commitment to do the absolute most we could to show the women that we believe they are worthy. We collaborated with the best chefs we could find, we worked on making the packaging as beautiful as possible.  Every decision we make, we asked the question - how do we maximise our social impact.

 Two Good Founders Rob Caslick and Cathal Flaherty.  

Two Good Founders Rob Caslick and Cathal Flaherty.  

We employ women from the refuges we serve, work with other social enterprises such as The Bread and Butter Project and Cana farm and reduce our impact on the environment by sterilising and recycling our glass jars.   80% of our lunches are delivered on bikes by our delivery partners Deliveroo.



That no person in a refuge feels unworthy of love.


To be the national provider of beautiful food and lifestyle products to domestic violence refuges and soup kitchens.